wrote toدلع اغا دلع اغا
صباح الجمال
morning of beauty
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عاوز اتكلم معاكى
on the geese that talk معاكى
wrote toعليا اوى عليا اوى
ممكن نتكلم مع بعض
can talk to some
wrote toعليا اوى عليا اوى
ممكن نتعرف
can become familiar
wrote to💫💫Megan💫💫 Ⓣ 💫💫Megan💫💫 Ⓣ
ممكن ندردش سواه
can stir except him
wrote toاميرة محمد اميرة محمد
اللهم ارزقنى فتاه صالحه وجميله
goodness grant me his young man صالحه and his good deed
wrote toايات محمد حسن ايات محمد حسن
انا احمد من المحله وانتى منين
I am Ahmad from the quarter and my moan منين
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