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Brunei postpones tough new Islamic law

Brunei has postponed the introduction of tough Islamic criminal punishments that were due to begin on Tuesday.

Brunei said in October that it would introduce Sharia punishments including death by stoning for adulterers and the severing of limbs for theft.

Assistant Director of the Islamic Legal Unit Jauyah Zaini said the delay was "due to unavoidable circumstances".

No new date was given but an official told local media that the law would begin "in the very near future".

Brunei already adheres to a stronger form of Islamic law than neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, banning the sale and consumption of alcohol.
'Rampant discrimination' in India's schools

Marginalised students, including Dalits and Muslims, being denied right to education by school authorities, report says.
S Korea ferry disaster search enters second week, death toll at 150

The search for scores of passengers still missing from South Korea's ferry disaster entered a second week Wednesday, to the deepening distress of their grieving, angry and frustrated families.
UAE mothers divided over breastfeeding law

Debate heats up as UAE considers new law requiring mothers to nurse their children until the age of two.
Rival Palestinian factions to meet in Gaza

Latest round of talks comes as Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations are faltering, and Hamas is increasingly isolated
Al-Qaeda's chief bombmaker believed dead

Al-Qaeda’s chief bombmaker is believed to be dead following a U.S.-backed special forces ambush in Yemen over the weekend.

Witnesses say a 4x4 vehicle, believed to be carrying 32-year-old Ibrahim al-Asiri and other militants, engaged in a gun battle with special forces, The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

While the passengers were able to shoot back, the attack left all members of the car dead, the Times said.

If his death is confirmed, Asiri would be the most senior al-Qaeda member killed since Osama bin Laden in May of 2011
Sri Lanka to deport Buddha tattoo British woman

The Sri Lankan authorities have ordered the deportation of a British tourist because of a Buddha tattoo on her arm.
Israel forces injure 35+ Palestinians

Israeli forces have injured more than 35 Palestinians when clashes broke out in a village in the north of the occupied West Bank.
Pakistan attacks target two police patrols

At least eight killed in two attacks targeting police in northwest, just days after Taliban refused to extend ceasefire.
Kashmir shuts down in protest at activists’ arrest

People in the Indian-controlled Kashmir have observed a shutdown in protest against the detention of pro-independence leaders and activists for their anti-election campaigns, Press TV reports.