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Over a dozen Yemeni people killed in US drone strike

The US has carried out another drone strike in Yemen’s southern province of al-Bayda, killing at least a dozen people in the attack.

According to reports on Sunday, the US drone attack took place in the city of Rada’a, where Houthi fighters are battling al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Yemen’s city of Rada’a has been the scene of fierce clashes as Houthi fighters push to drive out al-Qaeda-linked militants from the region.
India picks Israel over U.S. for $525 mln missile deal

India has chosen to buy anti-tank guided missiles from Israel, rejecting a rival U.S. offer, as the right-wing government clears projects worth $13.1 billion to modernize its ageing military, official sources said Sunday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will buy 8,356 Spike missiles and 321 launchers from Israel in a deal worth 32 billion rupees ($525 million), Defense Ministry sources told AFP.
S Korea ferry: Prosecutors seek death penalty for captain

South Korean prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the captain of the Sewol ferry, which sank in April killing more than 300 people.

The prosecutors said Lee Joon-seok, who is charged with homicide, failed to execute his duty.

The call came as they concluded their case in a trial which began in June.

The sinking sparked nation-wide grief and led to severe criticism of both safety standards and the government's handling of the rescue operation.

Many of those who died when the ferry sank were teenagers on a school trip. The disaster was blamed on a combination of illegal redesigns, overloading of cargo and an inexperienced crew member steering the vessel.

There was public outrage after survivors testified that they had been told by the crew to stay where they were even as the boat started to sink.
Australia: No immigration from Ebola nations

Temporary visa restriction targets immigrants from West African countries hit by the deadly outbreak.
Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh re-arrested in Iran

Iranian security forces arrested world-renowned human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and several others on their way back from a protest on Saturday, her husband said.
Korea leaflet launch grounded by egg-throwers

South Koreans living near border say protest balloons sent into North by activists put them at risk of retaliation.
UK base in Afghanistan handed over

The last UK base in Afghanistan has been handed over to the control of Afghan security forces, ending British combat operations in the country.

The union flag was lowered at Camp Bastion, while Camp Leatherneck - the adjoining US base - was also handed over to Afghan control.

UK troops have been in Afghanistan since 2001, with Bastion, in Helmand Province, their main base since 2006.

The number of deaths of British troops throughout the conflict stands at 453.

The UK's command of Helmand was transferred to US forces in April and personnel, military vehicles and kit have begun returning home in recent months.

At the height of the war in 2009, about 10,000 UK troops were based in Camp Bastion and the UK's 137 patrol bases in southern Afghanistan.

Only a small number of personnel are due to remain in the country after this year, at the British-run military academy in Kabul.
Dozens dead in Bangladesh bus crash

At least 32 people killed after two buses collide in Natore, 220km from capital Dhaka.
Jokowi sworn in as Indonesia leader

Joko Widodo, the charismatic outsider who won Indonesia's presidency, made a call for national reconciliation and unity as he was sworn in.

Popularly known as Jokowi, the 53-year-old took the oath of office at a ceremony held at parliament in Jakarta.

He was then cheered through the streets as he made his way on a horse-drawn carriage to the state palace.

The former Jakarta governor is the first president not to have come from the military or political elite.

Elected in July, the former furniture exporter and son of a carpenter now leads the world's third-largest democracy, with a population of about 250 million people.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott were among those who attended the inauguration.
India's ruling BJP party wins key polls

India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has scored a major victory in key assembly elections in the country’s two northern and western states, boosting the prime minister’s popularity.