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Dudu.com – multilingual social network with a unique translation technology allowing Internet users that speak different languages to communicate freely without language barriers.

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Dudu Communications

Dudu Communications was founded in 2007. It gathered a team that believed in creating a system of automated translation. These were dedicated professionals from Russia, Turkey, UAE, Germany and other countries. After 4 years of hard work the company reached significant results and today free communication between representatives of different nations and cultures becomes possible thanks to the specially developed translation system and its platform – the social network.

Dudu Communications today is a software company with offices in UAE and Russia, and representatives in other countries. The company also participates in developing IT solutions around the world. Besides, the company is actively engaged in supporting new promising projects in culture (cultural events, shows) and entertainment (musical bands and other performances).

However, the main and most important project of Dudu Communications is the multilingual social network – dudu.com. Dudu is the first social network that utilizes Dudu Translate - a translation system that is used to translate phrases from one language into another in real-time. This communication will be developing in stages. And along with it, the social network will also develop into more sophisticated format of communication.

Dudu.com is a rapidly growing and expanding social network with a lot of potential and great vision for the future. There are currently three languages supported by the system: English, Russian and Arabic. The system is currently running in Alpha version on the website, but an upgraded version with higher quality of translations will be rolled out within the next few weeks, and gradual updates will occur in the future as the system is constantly being improved and modified.

Furthermore, new languages will be added to the system, the next ones in the pipeline are Turkish, Chinese and some of the mostly used European languages. It takes between 2 to 4 weeks to implement the first basic version of translation for a new language, however, gradual improvements and updates within the following 6 to 8 months will produce a more stable and higher quality translation that may be qualified as a proper support of a given language.

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List of our Offices:

1. UAE, Dubai, Dubai Internet City;
2. Russia, Moscow, "DUDU RUS" LLC (ООО "ДУДУ РУС");
3. Turkey, Istanbul.