Terms of Use

I. Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities comes from the general dudu.com principles. This Statement governs interaction between dudu.com and its users. If you use dudu.com you agree to follow our rules and this Statement.

1. Privacy

We do our best to protect your privacy. Therefore we have created our Privacy Policy. It was designed to ensure your privacy. We strongly advise you to read our Privacy Policy and follow our tips.

2. Information Sharing

When you share some content or information on dudu.com you own this information. You can also control its sharing among dudu.com users. Please use the privacy settings to make sure that you share your information with trusted users only. Please note the following:

2.1. When you share specialized content covered by intellectual property rights (images, videos etc.) you give us special permission. It means that you allow us to use any of this content that you have posted on dudu.com. This permission is called the Intellectual Property License.

2.2. When you use any application you should be aware that you share your content with it. Although we require applications at dudu.com to respect your privacy we cannot guarantee that applications won’t share your content.

2.3. Please remember that when you share information and place “everyone” settings you allow everyone to access it including people outside of dudu.com. They can access this information and download it. It is also possible to associate it with you.

3. Safety rules

We do everything we can to keep dudu.com absolutely safe. But we cannot guarantee that dudu.com is totally safe. Therefore we request our users to help us in achieving this goal. Please follow some easy rules:

3.1. Do not send or share any unauthorized commercial messages on dudu.com including spam.

3.2. Do not use any automated tools to collect user content. Please avoid using any bots or spiders without having special permission.

3.3. Do not engage in any financial pyramids or other multi-level marketing activities on dudu.com.

3.4. Do not upload or share any viruses or malware on dudu.com.

3.5. Do not try to access accounts of any other users that do not belong to you.

3.6. Do not threat or bully other users on dudu.com.

3.7. Do not post any unlawful content on dudu.com including pornography, nudity and incites violence.

3.8. Do not develop and operate any third-party applications that share mature content including alcohol-related and nudity-related content without setting age-based restrictions of access.

3.9. Do not offer any marketing schemes on dudu.com without special written consent. It includes sweepstakes, giveaways and other contests. If we give you special permission you take full responsibility for your marketing activities.

3.10. Do not use dudu.com in any unlawful purposes.

3.11. Do not do anything that can cause harm to dudu.com.

3.12. Do not encourage violations of Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

4. Registration Process and Security of your Account

Dudu.com users are required to provide their real names. Here we list a few important things you should know to keep your account secure:

4.1. Do not provide any false information on dudu.com. Don’t create several accounts and accounts for anybody else.

4.2. Do not create more than one account for yourself.

4.3. In case of disabling of your account do not create new one without special permission from dudu.com.

4.4. Do not use your personal account in commercial purposes (for example selling information of your page to advertisers).

4.5. Do not register on dudu.com if you are a convicted sex offender.

4.6. Update your contact information regularly.

4.7. Don’t tell anyone your password and don’t let other people access your account.

4.8. Don’t transfer your account information to any other users without special permission from dudu.com.

4.9. We reserve the right to remove username for your account if we believe that it violates any rights.

5. Protection of Rights of Other People

We respect rights of all people and we want you to do the same. Therefore please follow these simple rules:

5.1. Do not share information if it can violate any rights including law.

5.2. We reserve the right to delete your content or information placed on dudu.com if we think that it violates any rights of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

5.3. We help you to ensure security of your account by providing you special protection tools.

5.4. You have an opportunity to appeal against removal of your intellectual property content by dudu.com. We reserve the right to remove such content if someone reported us about owned copyright.

5.5. If you regularly violate intellectual property rights of other people we reserve the right to disable your account.

5.6. Don’t use our trademark or copyrights without special permission from dudu.com.

5.7. If you want to obtain information from other users please obtain their permission. You should also explain other users that you will collect this information (not dudu.com).

5.8. Don’t post anyone documents or financial information on dudu.com.

5.9. Do not tag users on photos or send any invitations to non-users without asking them.

6. Mobile services on dudu.com

6.1. Dudu.com provides its users with mobile services. The services are free of charge but you should be aware of fees and rates applied by your mobile operator.

6.2. When you share your personal information you provide dudu.com users with rights to sync contact lists. It applies to all visible information on dudu.com including your name and contact information.

7. Special Provisions Applied to Share Links

If you integrate Share Link button on your website you should be aware of additional terms that apply to you:

7.1. We allow you to use our Share Link button. It lets users to share links or content from your Website, or any other Website on dudu.com.

7.2. You allow us to let others to use this Share Links button on dudu.com.

7.3. You will not put Share Link button on any page which has got content violating our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

8. Special Provisions Applied to Operators or Third-Party Websites and Applications

8.1.If you are operator of third-party application or website working on dudu platform please be aware that you carry full responsibility for your website or application including all content it has got. It means that content placed on your application has to meet our terms and the Privacy Policy.

8.2.Please be aware that we limit your access to data of dudu.com users by the following:
• You will be able to obtain only the information which you need to operate your website or application.
• You have to have your Privacy Policy. This policy has to tell dudu.com users how you are going to use their personal information and what kind of information you will be obtaining.
• You guarantee that you will follow your Privacy Policy.
• You will delete any information received from a dudu.com user if he/she asks us to do so. You will also need to prove that the information was removed.
• You won’t use any personal data received from dudu.com users in when creating your ad campaigns.
• You won’t use or transfer any data of dudu.com users to advertisement networks, brokers or other resources related to advertisement.
• You won’t sell any information received from dudu.com users. You will have the right to continue using dudu.com user’s data even if you are acquired by another company. But information received from dudu.com users can be used only within your application.
• We may request you to delete any information received from our users if we believe that you use it improperly.
• We may limit your access to data of dudu.com users.
• You have to follow our Terms of Use.

8.3. You should not give us any information that you received independently.

8.4. You need to make it easy for dudu.com users to disconnect from your application or website.

8.5. You should publish your contact information and make it easy for dudu.com users to contact. We reserve the right to publish your email address.

8.6. You should arrange customer support for your website or application working on dudu.com Platform.

8.7. You will not place or show any third party advertisements on dudu.com Platform.

8.8. We will provide with all the required rights to use the code and specialized tools.

8.9. You won’t transfer or sell our code and tools to anyone.

8.10. You won’t distort the relationships between you and dudu.com.

8.11. We reserve the right to publish our own press releases which will mention our relationships with you.

8.12. We do not guarantee that dudu.com Platform will be free in the future.

8.13. You give us permission to integrate your application in dudu.com platform.

8.14. You give us permission to link your third party website or application and place different content including advertisements. Ads can be placed around the application.

8.15. We reserve the right to analyze your application and its content. Analysis can be done in different purposes including commercial.

8.16. We reserve the right to audit your application.

8.17. We may develop our own applications that offer related services and become competitor of your application.

9. Amendments

We reserve the right to change the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. In this case we will notify you.

10. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate our relations with you if you violate this Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. At the same time we reserve the right to disable your account or (and) application.

11. Disputes

If someone claims against us related to your activities or content shared on dudu.com, you will take full responsibility of this claim. You will also carry on all losses and expenses we might have within such claims.

We do our best to keep dudu.com absolutely safe and trouble-free. But we cannot guarantee that dudu.com is totally safe. Therefore we do not offer any warranty. Thus dudu.com is not responsible for any actions and content placed by third party applications and websites. You won’t claim against us or our employees arising from damages caused by third party applications and websites.

II. List of prohibited actions on the website

  1. To collect other user’s personal data for the purpose of its further processing, i.e. performing actions with personal information, including its collection, sorting, storage, clarification, usage, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking and destruction.
  2. Use any means of automatic collection of data, published in the Web.
  3. Perform acts of propaganda or agitation that can provoke social, racial, nationalistic or religious hatred and hostility; propaganda of war, social, racial nationalistic, religious or linguistic superiority.
  4. To publish copies of intellectual work or parts of intellectual work that are guarded by law without user’s exclusive or non-exclusive rights to do so.
  5. To publish messages, graphical images or other materials, publishing which may damage honor, dignity, or professional reputation of a person or an entity.
  6. Publish materials of pornographic content or hypertext links to the Internet resources containing such materials.
  7. Publish other Users personal information, including their contact information, without their prior permission.
  8. Wittingly specify false personal information, both during the registration and subsequently.

III. Terms of payments

If you are going to make any payments on dudu.com you agree to follow the Terms of Payments.

1. Making any purchases

1.1. When you decide to make a transaction on dudu.com and confirm it you agree to make the payment for the transaction.

1.2. The total price on dudu.com may include extra fees, shipping costs and taxes. Therefore pay attention to all listed details of the transaction. Remember that you will have to pay these costs.

1.3. Don’t confirm any transaction if you are not sure or are not ready to pay. Any sale on dudu.com cannot be canceled.

1.4. If you make any purchase using previously credited Dullars and your merchandise becomes unavailable before it can be provided to you, you may request a refund of your funded amount in Dullars. In this case, the same Dullar amount you had spent on the virtual merchandise will be credited back to your virtual Dullar account.

1.5. If you buy a virtual gift from our store we take responsibility of posting this gift and any desired message on the profile of receiver (you can also use private gift option).

1.6. Our responsibility ends as soon as we deliver your gift and message.

1.7. You may be asked to agree some additional terms when you make a specific purchase. But anyway additional terms will be presented before you confirm this transaction. Such additional terms also regulate the order of that transaction.

1.8. We use different terms including “sell”, “buy”, “purchase” etc. However when we talk about virtual gifts and credits, we don’t give away an ownership interest.

1.9. We don’t offer any warranties regardless of category of the product which is sold on dudu.com.

1.10. If you use your Dullar amount to enter into a transaction with a third party application and have a dispute over the goods or services you purchased there, we have no liability for the goods or services underlying the transaction. As you convert your Dullar amount to a currency used in the third party application, our only responsibility is to handle your funding transaction. All funding transactions are final unless required by law.

1.11. You cannot convert currency used in any third-party application to Dullars.

2. Sources of Payment

We try to make payments convenient for our clients. Therefore we offer different payment sources including debit and credit cards.

2.1. When you choose one or another payment source you confirm that you are eligible to use it.

2.2. When you proceed to a payment you give us and our payment processor to charge the whole amount needed to finalize the transaction.

2.3. If you choose credit card or debit card to make a payment we reserve a right to obtain a pre-approval from your bank for needed amount. If you don’t have enough funds on your credit card transaction may result in an overdraft. In this case you are responsible for any overdrafts fee.

3. Purchasing and using the Dullars

3.1. Virtual currency on dudu.com is called Dullars

3.2. You can purchase Dullars from the Website to buy virtual goods and send gifts to your friends and other users, using any means of payment (Credit Card, Prepaid cards, etc.).

3.3. When you buy Dullars you become licensed to use it but you don’t own them. You become authorized to use such credits on dudu.com for example when you purchase virtual gifts.

3.4. Virtual products or services purchased on dudu.com cannot be refunded unless the purchase is canceled or rescheduled or we fail to fulfill the request.

3.5. You are not allowed to sell or transfer Dullars to anyone outside dudu.com.

3.6. We reserve a right to change purchase price of Dullars. We can also change ways of use of credits or stop issuing them at all.

3.7. You cannot redeem your Dullars for any amount of money which is different from our value.

3.8. If you want to deactivate your account without future reactivation in next 6 months you will lose all your Dullars.

3.9. In case of deactivation of your account and inability to meet conditions necessary to reinstate your profile within 6 months we have a right to redeem your Dullars by donating them to charity.

4. Actions We Have a Right to Take

We have a right to take different actions to keep dudu.com safe and secure.

4.1. We can make any inquiries without explanation. Inquiries can be also made via third parties. It concerns your creditworthiness and identity.

4.2. We have a right to cancel any transaction. We can also do it in case of potential financial loss.

4.3. We have a right to contact your bank or payment source issuer, third parties or law enforcement related to your payments or share details. We can do it if it may prevent financial loss.

4.4. We have a right to cancel any transferred Dullars if the transaction was done with violation of these Terms.

5. Disputes and Reversals

5.1. If you think that any suspicious transaction was taken under your account you should contact us immediately. In this case we will be able to prevent your financial loss.

5.2. If you have a transaction with a third party and have complain about quality of goods or services we are not responsible for it. We only have a role of payment agent.

5.3. We have a right to intervene in your disputes with third parties but we have to obligation to carry this responsibility.

5.4. If any technical failure occurred you can only request that your transaction will be finalized later.

6. Special Provisions Applicable to Advertisers

6.1. When you buy advertising services on dudu.com, you take the responsibility to pay the whole price specified in the order including all taxes.

6.2. You have responsibility to maintain the security of your account. You also understand that you will have to pay charges for any orders that were placed via your advertising account.

6.3. When you make a purchase you carry responsibility to pay any extra taxes regarding your transactions. We do not take any responsibility in case if you fail to pay such taxes.

7. Notices and Amendments to These Terms of Payments

7.1. We have a right to provide you with notices. They can be delivered via our website, email or regular post services. Notices on our website and via email are considered to be delivered within 24 hours from the time we have posted them. Notices sent to your home address are considered to be delivered within 3 business days from the time we have sent them, depending on your location.

7.2. The Terms of Payment are applied as soon as you confirm a transaction.

7.3. We reserve a right to change the Terms of Payment. Changes can even affect your Dullars.

8. Other issues

8.1. All the rules you agree with in this Statement of Rights and Responsibilities apply to your payments on dudu.com. In case of any conflicts arise between the Terms of Payments and Statement or Rights and Responsibilities; the Terms of Payments will be prevailing.

8.2. You are not eligible to make payments on dudu.com if you are under the age of 18. Although you may make payments under the supervision of your parents or guardians. In this case you should read through these Terms of Payments with your parents or guardians to ensure that all parties understand them clearly.

8.3. Some counties have a right to prevent you from making any payments on dudu.com. These Terms of Payments do not violate any foreign laws.

8.4. When you make a purchase you carry responsibility to pay any extra taxes regarding your transactions. We do not take any responsibility in case if you fail to pay such taxes.